Why You Should Consider Purchasing Bamboo Underwear Next

bamboo underwear mens Australia
Image Source : Unsplash

You may not have heard but bamboo is material also used now for manufacturing underwear. It might be difficult to think about how underwear could be made out of bamboo. But with the latest development now, bamboo is shredded down and processed into viscose rayon. This rayon is considered to be one of the softest materials in the world and once mixed with polyester or cotton, it’s the perfect material for underwear.

Softness aside, there are numerous other reasons why you should consider purchasing bamboo underwear next time you are in need of one or two.

Sustainable Underwear

One of the reasons why people purchase bamboo underwear is because they are eco-friendly. On an average, people throw away 70 pounds of fabric on a yearly basis. The clothing and textile industry is the 2nd largest polluter in the world after the oil industry. But if all of us would be wise and choose instead to buy sustainable underwear and other pieces of clothing, then fabric wastes would dwindle.

Faster to Dry

When you wash your underwear especially when you are out of fresh, clean ones you want them to dry as soon as possible especially if you are not a fan of going commando. When you purchase bamboo underwear mens Australia you would notice that there are holes and gaps in the fabric that makes the moisture evaporate faster than any other fabric. Not only that, they are also better for those who lead an active lifestyle since they would not accumulate and feel sticky with sweat.


Since there are tiny holes and gaps in the fabric, the underwear is extremely breathable. Since it is breathable, it is also thermo control due to the fact that the viscose rayon whips the heat away, meaning you would not feel hot no matter how warm and sunny the weather is. You’d feel fresh even if it is the end of the day.


There are those who might be not open or willing to try an underwear that is made out of bamboo because it in unconventional and they might think that the new fabric would cause their skin to itch or to have any adverse reaction. Fortunately, underwear made out of bamboo are hypoallergenic. They are designed to be gentle on sensitive skin. And because they are hypoallergenic, the chances of bacteria surviving are unlikely.


With its breathable and antimicrobial features, bamboo underwear is also odour resistant since excessive moisture is not accumulated in the underwear. Who would not want an underwear that is not smelly even after a day of wearing it?

With these numerous benefits you would think why we aren’t all just switch to this sustainable type of underwear. Perhaps one of the reasons why is that bamboo underwear hasn’t gone mainstream yet and not all are aware of these advantages. But since more and more people are now becoming conscious with their shopping habits, bamboo underwear is slowly becoming known as better choice for sustainable underwear.