Why Is Blanketing Your Horse Necessary in Winter?

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Is it necessary to use a blanket or a rug for your horse? The answer to this is, Yes. Horse rugs and blankets are used for various purposes such as keeping your horse clean; protect it from temperature changes as well as to keep it safe from insects and parasites. In winter months, rugs have many benefits and uses for gorse groomers. Take look at the following to see what horse blankets are and why you need to use a horse rug for your horse in winter.

What is a horse Rug?

A horse rug is a blanket or a coat is used to keep your horse warm or safe. It is used as a protection cover against weather elements such as wind or cold temperature, against insects such as flies or ticks and even against dust and dirt when the horse is travelling or outside in the field.

What Blankets are Suitable for Winter

There are many types of horse rugs or blankets made for various purposes. For example, a fly sheet is a blanket that is used specifically to protect the horse from flies and other insects in summer and sometimes comes with masks that cover the face of the horse as well to protect its eyes.

Then there are travel rugs when the horses need to be taken to somewhere and needs cover from mud and dirt. Rugs are also made to suit various needs that come with changes in the weather. When looking for rugs for horse winter rugs or winter turnouts are the best for colder temperatures.

Winter rugs or turnouts are used as protective blankets over the horse when it is out on the field. These blankets are available in many different thicknesses, so you can choose the most suited blanket depending on how cold the weather is.

Keep Your Horse Warm

One of the benefits of winter blankets is that they keep your horse warm. However, you need to choose the blanket with the right thickness for your horse. If you choose a blanket that is too thick for a horse that lives in an area that do not get harsh temperature drops, you might end up overheating your horse. However, in snowy weather or harsh winds, a heavy-duty blanket is the perfectly fine.

Keeping the Horse Dry

If your horse gets wet due to the outside weather, this will leave it cold. In order to avoid this, you can use a blanket to keep your horse protected and covered. This can be accomplished by getting a blanket that also has a waterproof feature. A waterproof blanket will keep the snow and water away and will not get soaked and heavy in wet, damp weather.

Clean and Dirt Free

Winter weather makes it difficult to bath your horse. This means it is necessary to add some extra grooming measures to keep them clean. Blankets will help you maintain the cleanliness of the horse and keep the dust, dirt and mud away from its coat. You can also blanket your horse after brushing it to maintain the freshly cleaned coat longer.

While blanketing is something that is not necessarily a winter need only, in winter days the purpose of the blanket is different. And since certain grooming practices are not possible and the weather turns harsh, it is always better to blanket your horse.