Top 7 WordPress Plugins for Social Media Auto Posting


Who does not like Automation?

It’s one of the most pleasing parts of running a site.

You schedule your posts to automatically publish, so why not automate the social media sharing too?

Numerous plugins are available to auto-post your social media too, but a plugin with many features can be less useful if it slows down your site and affects user experience. A professional Web Development Company can help you choose the best plugin according to your needs, so always take advice before you select any.

Then you have to come to a decision as to which social media networks will be displayed more prominently on your website. Putting fewer options into effect reduces & offers better user experience.

Many WordPress plugins allow you display your different popular social icons above or lower the article, in slide bar and so on. You have to decide how you want to show them on your website.

Let’s take a look at top 7 word press plugins for social media auto posting.

1. Shared Counts

It’s an easy to use and fast plugin for WordPress. Shared counts can also be enabled for custom posts which lets you share any content type besides posts. Various button styles are available to select where you want to show that button in the content.

For each network this plugin tries to get the count of social share. You can also opt to just display total share count on all networks.

2. FS Poster

It is the best plugin for social media automation. It comes with 13 different social media networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram LinkedIn, Reddit, etc. 

Its clean interface allows you to schedule your shares, connect your accounts and review each share’s success. You can also check likes & comments on each share and see performance graphs of all your sharing.

It has an amazing scheduling system too that lets you advance schedule the post time to each network. This is not it, you can also post & schedule shares manually from the dashboard.

3. Social Auto Poster

Social Auto Poster is also among the greatest choices for social media automating. It works with all top networks and also includes Youtube and Tumblr support which is quite difficult to find.

This plugin comes with a few different ways to share on social media. First is to share automatically when post is published. It’s a great option as you can prepare your post and can share later without having to leave the dashboard.

4. Blog2Social

It is the most popular free plugin for social media auto-posting. It works with the maximum number of networks – 16 including some of the not so popular ones like Bloglovin, Diigo and Torial.

Blog2Social comes with several different scheduling tools and the most amazing feature is its best time manager. If you have already identified when most of your audience get active you can schedule your post basis that time. Then your post will be shared at this time instead of when the article goes live.

You can use one message across all accounts or create a custom message for each network. Apart from this the calendar view gives a nice overview of sharing frequency.

5. Revive Old Posts

You wish to post everyday on your networks, but time allows you to post only once a week. What to share on rest of the days? Re-sharing your old content is a great solution to this. There might be someone who followed you on Twitter recently and they haven’t seen your older posts, so it will be new to them.

However, this could be really confusing and time consuming process and that’s where Revive Old Post comes to your rescue. You can create complex schedule with this plugin with automation rules to choose when and which post to share. It will run automatically, once you set it up. Obviously you can use it to share new posts as well.

6. Social Media Auto Publish

Auto publish is simpler than many other plugins, hence it’s a great option to opt for. It works exactly as its name suggests. All you do is connect your social media accounts and when your blog posts go live, it automatically shares the same.

It is quite reliable and overall it has good reviews. It is a perfect functional solution for those who want simple auto-publish for their social media.

7. PrestaShop

It’s an efficient and unique plugin which is quite useful while sharing content. PrestaShop’s module is made with fully responsive structure which ensures maximum growth of the traffic. 

Its key features include – Multi-lingual and multi-store plugin, easily adds product name, pictures, link description, etc. The easy to use interface of this plugin makes it amazingly easy to use.

Online platforms and social media are certainly the best options when it comes to promotional activities and these Word Press Plugins for Social Media Auto Posting makes the process even simpler. 

We hope this collection helps you get the best one for your site! Get in touch with an experienced Digital marketing company if you cannot decide which plugin to choose.