The Best Gifts for a Baby Girl in 2022

image source: pexels

Gifting a baby is a whole new experience. When it comes to a baby girl is a whole other ball game. Girls have tons of clothes, accessories and a versatile toy selection to choose from. It can definitely become quite an overwhelming shopping experience.

But, fear not, I have put it down to the best possible gifts you can buy any baby girl in 2022. YES, baby gifts are totally trending, even babies boom in the fashion, tech and toy industries. Let’s get a lucky baby girl a gift she will fall head over heels for. Here are some of the amazing presents you could get for a precious baby girl in 2022:

The Custom Baby Blanket

This blanket is unlike any other. You could get it made with custom patterns and colours and add in a touch of personalization with baby’s name or initials on it. Find out the baby’s favourite colours if she’s at an age that she tends to be drawn to specific patterns and colours and get it custom made for a girl that is going to absolutely adore her gift. Moreover, if you are stuck with what you need to buy for your friend’s baby shower, then maybe personalized baby shower gifts is the way to go. Who knows? You could be giving her a generational heirloom!

A Spa Robe

image source: pexels

Have you seen a little mini spa robe? Those are some of the cutest spa accessories a baby girl would look adorable in. Better yet, add in a spa robe with a unicorn hood and you will be high on the baby trend scale. What baby hasn’t dreamt of a unicorn? And now they get a robe and unicorn hood in one?! You will be fulfilling almost every baby girl’s wish with this gift! Bath time is about to become magical.

Trumpette Socks

We all know it is vital to keep a baby’s feet cosy and warm. Trumpette socks not only keep the little feet warm but add a flair of fashion and elegance into it. The socks are a cross between ballerina and party socks. It is perfect for any time the baby has to go out in the night time.

They usually come in six pairs and come in various hues. What makes this different to other socks? The soles are literally rubber and prevents slipping. Not only is she going to slay as a fashionista, there’s added safety to her outfit. Extra gift points for sure with this choice.

The Animated Elephant Plush

This is not a typical still toy plushy. This one comes in with a twist that most baby girls love! More specifically, the Baby GUND Flappy the Elephant Animated Plushy 12” is a must have for all baby girls out there! Why? This is an interactive toy that is sure to become her next best friend, and help her mum have a bit more time to relax while her baby is busy playing with her plushy. The elephant even plays peek-a-boo and has a kid’s song list downloaded in!

Let your baby gifting game for girls’ level up and get these gifts before they run out in 2022!