StyleBee Clone App Lets You Hire A Beauty Expert With Just Few Clicks

develop beauty service app like StyleBee

Salon business is never going to be out of business. In fact, over the years they have undergone a huge makeover from basic beauty service offerings to offering on demand beautician services to the people. For those who are running a salon business and wish to reach a wider audience, increase visibility, get more business and help build a loyal customer base all these and much more can be achieved through the Styleebee clone app.

Match Your Salon Business With Changing Behaviour Of Your Users

On-demand beauty apps are becoming successful, all thanks to the busy lifestyle of the people who are unable to get time to go to the salon let alone making a call to fix an appointment.

Looking at the changing behaviour of the customers, the salon businesses need to adopt the new change. These days, salon businesses have started offering on-demand beauty services at the customer’s place. Yes, now taking appointments, and waiting long hours for their turns, these on-demand apps are now servicing the customers at their convenience.

The Growing Popularity Of StyleBee Clone App

People are not able to book their salon appointment because of their busy schedule. Getting a last-minute appointment is a hassle with the salon. And that is when an app like StyleBee steps in.

You want to do your hair for your corporate event, no problem few clicks on the app, and the beautician are there at your doorstep. Your wedding beautician has canceled your appointment last minute no problem you can browse from the endless specialized bridal makeup and hair beautician and have them a schedule for your big day. The soaring reason behind the StyleBee clone app popularity is they keep their customers happy. Offering a variety of spa and salon treatments suiting customer’s budget and schedule, there is no doubt the on-demand beauty clone app is going places.

If you are developing an aggregator model, you can build multiple streams of income by charging a commission, subscription from the listed salon partners, and users. Also, you can promote their services by asking for a small percentage. Thus benefiting both your salon service providers and users.

Why Develop On-Demand Beauty App For Your Business?

With the changing business demands, one has to embrace the shift. The salon that is still working on the conventional methods is witnessing stiff competition with these on-demand beauty apps. They are unable to cope up thus, most of them have to shut down the business. If you wish to scale up your salon business, this is the right time to take the plunge.

Especially with the pandemic hitting globally with no signs to improve soon, your customers are forced to stay home, and visiting a salon is the last thing on their minds. Why not pamper them with your beauty service by making your salon available to them at their convenience? Stylebee clone app lets you do that and more and that’s the primary reason why your salon business needs to develop beauty service app like StyleBee.

Prominent Feature Of StyleBee Clone App

  • Social media login registration
  • Salon profile / Freelancer beautician profile
  • Search by beauty specialists, ratings, service offerings, pricing, etc.
  • Book the appointment
  • Price estimation
  • Book now schedule later feature
  • Confirms appointment
  • Multiple payment options
  • Have the beautician arrive right at your doorstep
  • Leave feedback
  • Invoice generation

What Makes Your On-Demand Beauty App Different From Others?

  • It offers white label licensed source code
  • Offers customized features suiting your salon needs
  • Assured platform compatibility
  • Performance scalability
  • Secured installation and launch in App Store/ Play Store
  • Dynamic admin dashboard
  • Multi-currency integration
  • Multi-language integration
  • Support and maintenance
  • Customer care service

Wrapping Up

Collaborating with a mobile app development company that has years of experience in building on-demand apps can be the best idea. With the rising demand for demand beauty apps, this is the right time to invest in Stylebee clone app offering a wide range of beauty services at your customer convenience. Have your concept discuss with the development service provider and let them take it from there. Since the StyleBee clone app is a ready-made solution, it makes it easy to launch your business in a minimum time. The app is built on the latest technology, compatible on both platforms with customized features to go with you are all set to rule the on-demand beauty industry.