Six Tips for Fashionable Men

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If you are looking to upgrade your wardrobe, here are some great and quick fashion ideas for you to try out!

Fitting Clothes Is the Key

This is one of the key factors to consider when you are buying new clothes. It will be a great improvement of your overall outlook, if you fit all your clothes correctly to the point. Most men try to opt out for the baggy option. But know that it would only make you look clumsy and disorganized. Make sure everything in your wardrobe hugs you almost tight just to accentuate the shape of your physique. If you feel a bit self-conscious about letting your clothes hug you tight you can definitely try out a healthy workout routine. This surely will boost your self-confidence too!

Make Sure To Keep It Plain and Simple

You would want a closet full of clothes that look amazing on you. But make sure you do not overdo the entire process of dressing up.  And do make sure you do not put on more than three items of jewellery or make sure you are not dressed up in more than three colours. You can even invest in several sophisticated tailor made suits Sydney that would come in handy during a black-tie event or an interview or even your workplace.

tailor made suits sydney
Image Source : Unsplash

Dressstylish but not like a rock star unless you are part of a serious rock band. A great look that is both stylish and casual would be a black dress shirt that is striped, a pair of dark coloured jeans, a white blazer a stylish belt that is paired up with your best dress shoes. You can add an elegant and sophisticated watch and necklace that is simple.

Redefinethe Word “Casual”

When you say “casual” it does not mean boring and tasteless. You can even try out shirts that are collared. You can also get some advice from online fashion portals.

Choose the Fashion Items Depending on Places to Use:

The color code or the style should not be the same for office, wedding or a racing day. A formal and decent color clothes is okay for office use but it may looks boring in a wedding or racing days. For wedding you can choose colorful suits that makes you attractive. If you want to know what to wear to the races male then check this article about mens racing fashion.

Be Attentive About the Accessories

Some sweaters are great since they are lean and fits you nice, but some can be large and chunky. The basic rules of the fashion community is that you need to match the top part with the bottom part. Meaning, if you are dressed in a large and a chunky knit sweater the bottom part of the attire needs to be in perfect balance too. Make sure you do not mix and match it up with a classy wool and silk suit. Instead of that you can try out cargos, chinos and even jeans.

Partner Up When You Are Going Shopping

Do not go shopping alone. Make sure you are accompanied by someone who would give you an honest opinion about what you should wear, because what you might not see, could be seen by others.

Take a Risk or Two

Strike a balance between overdoing the attire and experimenting with new stuff. If you think about it, there is nothing wrong with being a bit overdressed than being a bit on the down low in any atmosphere. Always think about where you’re going and decide on the attire.