Natural Remedies for Iron Deficiency Anaemia

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Anaemia refers to a health condition wherein the body lacks an adequate number of red blood cells to carry around enough oxygen all throughout the body. Usually, a person with anaemia feels weak or fatigued even without exerting effort or doing something strenuous. Anaemia can be mild or severe depending on and has a variety of causes.

Some of the common symptoms of anaemia are fatigue, pale skin, hair loss, shortness of breath and decreased appetite. If you experience these symptoms, it is best to consult a doctor immediately for the right diagnosis of your condition. While the doctor can prescribe medications to treat your condition, there are still plenty of things you can do at home to aid in your treatment. Here are some natural remedies you can try out when you have iron-deficiency anaemia.

Try Moringa

Moringa is one of the vegetables that are rich in iron, making it a perfect supplement for those with iron deficiency anaemia. Regular consumption of moringa aids in improving the haemoglobin levels in the blood, making red blood cells healthier. You could add moringa to the dishes you cook such as soup or take it. As it is by chopping it finely and making it into a paste.

Eat More Meat

Meat is another food that is rich in iron. Whether it is beef, chicken, or any other type of meat, all of them are great sources of iron for your body. Meat is also rich in protein and other minerals that are needed in the proper development of the body. With the right balance of meat and other healthy foods, you can surely fight anaemia a lot easier.

Image Source: Unsplash

Liver and Organ Meats

Aside from regular meat, organ meats such as liver are also rich sources of iron, protein, choline, and other essential nutrients needed for a healthy body. Adding liver into your regular diet is one great way to increase your iron levels and have healthier blood cells.

However, some people don’t really like the flavour and texture of the liver. In that case, you can still experience the goodness of real liver without the unpleasant taste by taking grass fed beef liver capsules regularly instead.

Drink Red Juice

Beet juice is one of the most nutritious drinks you could have. It is loaded with iron, phosphorus, vitamin C, B vitamins, and many more essential vitamins and minerals. With all the goodness contained in beet juice, taking it regularly would help keep your red blood cells healthy and help improve your condition.

Simply blend the beetroot until it looks smooth. Strain it to leave the juice behind. You could then add any sweetener of your choice to improve the taste. Take it every morning and you’ll be amazed at how it greatly helps you stay at your optimum health.

Aside from medications prescribed by your doctor. Those foods and drinks above can actually help a lot in improving your health condition and even treat your anaemia faster. Incorporate those in your regular diet and maintain healthy blood that keeps you going every day.