How to Manage or Treat Bunions

Image Source: Unsplash

A bunion is a bony lump that grows at the outside base of the big toe. It happens when the big toe is forced towards the other toes because of pressure. Through time, when this kind of pressure continues, a bony bump is gradually formed. Bunions are more common among older adults, especially women. It could be caused by a variety of factors but one of the most common ones is wearing narrow footwear.

Bunions are painful and would look red and swollen. It is too painful that wearing regular footwear may seem impossible in some cases. Bunions don’t go away on their own once it has already formed. However, there are ways that could help you deal with the pain or treat the bunion itself. Read along and learn more.

Change in Footwear

A change of footwear is the first step to take when dealing with bunions. You’ll need footwear with a wider toe box to lessen the pressure on the foot, especially on the toes. Be sure to fit the shoes properly to be sure that it is not too tight and has ample room at the tip for your toes to wiggle freely.

There are specially designed shoes for bunions and are a lot more comfortable to wear than regular shoes. You could also use a stretching device to widen some old shoes that you have been using before and make them more comfortable to wear.

Use Orthotics

Another way to manage bunion pain while wearing shoes is to use orthotic shoe inserts. These devices help control the alignment of the feet and lessen the pressure on the big toe to move inwards. Some people find it helpful to use a spacer in between the big toe and the second digit.

Image Source: Unsplash

Pain Relievers

Since bunions are painful, you’ll also need some pain medications to manage the pain and keep you going through the day. Aside from over-the-counter pain relievers and anti-inflammatory drugs. You can also apply an ice pack to the painful area to minimize the swelling and the pain. For worse conditions, a steroid injection is the most effective way to reduce swelling and pain if regular medications aren’t working anymore.

Bunion Splints

Bunion splints are another accessory that helps relieve the bunion. It is worn on the toes and keeps the big toe in its normal alignment to slow down the progress of bunion formation. Unlike orthotics, bunion splints are uncomfortable to wear inside footwear and are mostly worn at night.


Surgery is the only permanent treatment for bunions. If all those other remedies aren’t helping you anymore and your bunion is getting worse, you might want to consider surgery. Bunionectomy is the process wherein the bunion is removed. The bones are realigned so they are all back to their natural position.

Bunions are really common and there are so many things you can do to treat and relieve the pain. If it gets worse, you should consider seeking help from a medical professional to get the right treatment that you need.