How to Dress for Success for Your First Job Interview?

men’s suit
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So, you have finally graduated from college or you finished your BA degree. Congratulations! Now is the next big step in your life. Finding a job is not so easy and people who have been through this for several time and not yet succeeded know how hard it sometimes can be. Once you get the calls for your interviews it really makes you excited and most of the times nervous. Everything is right; your portfolio, resumes, cover letters, certificates and other documents you are taking but for a moment did you think about your clothes. First impressions do matter a lot and you need to impress them in every way. So, here are some tips that will help you to dress for success in your job interviews. Good luck!

Girls focus on this

When you are wearing for your interviews make sure you keep it simple and not overwear anything. You want to look professional and the way you pick up fashion and clothing styles will bring out your identity. Dark colors like navy blue and black are acceptable colors for your clothes. But it’s important that you combine them with other clothes you will be wearing. For women, we would recommend a knee length skirt, a white long sleeved shirt and a matching suit. Also when you are picking shoes, check for conservative shoes and heels that you feel comfortable wearing.

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Men’s clothing tips

We know that you hardly pay attention to clothes, but this time you are really caught up. It’s very important that you check your wardrobe to see whether you have something suitable to wear for your interview. As recommendations we would go with a cuffed suit trouser for tall men and un-cuffed for short men. Then you would want to add a white or blue long sleeved shirt, a dark colored men’s suit along with matching shoes.

Choosing the correct accessories

When it comes to women’s accessories, you need to keep it very simple. But a pair of pearl earrings and a nice watch would be great. Also, you might want to take your handbag with you to keep all the documents safe.
For men, a conservative patterned or solid tie would be perfect. Make sure it matches with the rest of the attire. Also, you can have cuff links and carry a briefcase with you to store your documents.

men’s suit
Image Source: Unsplash

Other little details

It’s important that you have your hair neat combed well. Girls, check for some professional hairstyles online. There are so many hairstyles you can see from YouTube and practices them few days before. And boys, cut your hair and don’t do any nasty hairstyles but keep it professional and simple.