How to Boost Online Sales

Online Sales
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Whether a start-up or a well-off online business, your site could always use more traffic coming its way. Besides every business goes through its declines and slopes- it’s quite natural. But you need to pick up the pace to ensure that you don’t remain there. In whatever situation you might be in right now, here are some tips you can use to boost your sales:

A Trustworthy Site

No one wants to shop at a shady site. Using your ecommerce partners, you need to branch out and outsource this aspect of creating a professional site to more expert hands. Also consider the cyber security of your site- this a number one priority amongst online shoppers. If possible, show them how trust worthy you are by displaying a security badge if you’re using a website security provider.

Customer Retention

Generating new customers isn’t the only way to generate revenue on your site. A more steadfast way to do so is to retain loyal customers. When compared with newer customers, loyal customers tend to add more products to their cart and generate more revenue with each visit. Why wouldn’t you want to keep that customer base going? They’re quite familiar and comfortable with shopping with you by now so you need to find ways to improve their experience. For one, introduce a points based system or a loyalty system where they get to redeem coins they’ve accumulated with each shopping experience. There’s a reason many of the big retail brands out there have taken to this method- because it works!

Online Sales
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Mobile Friendly Sites

If your site isn’t mobile friendly yet, then you’ve wasted far too much precious time. Users love to shop on their phones, it’s fast and it’s convenient and by taking advantage of this, you could bring your sales right back up. Test it out and see if it looks cluttered and unprofessional- this leads to confused navigation, and users will have moved on to your competitor by then.

Video Retention

People are more likely to absorb the message you’re trying to get across if it’s on video rather than through words. In fact, research shows that the average user would spend 88% more time on a site if it has videos. It won’t work for all products, like clothes, for example unless you’re releasing a shoot but it engages the users.


Customer feedback is a great way to win the hearts of hundreds. What’s better? Testimonials with photos. Customers feel an additional sense of security seeing the face behind the comment, else it could be just some bot. Reach out and ask your customers for more comprehensive feedback that you can upload on your site.

Online Sales
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The Best-Sellers

By creating a best-seller category on your site, you’re giving potential customers some direction. Sometimes they could just be coming to browse around and the masses of products could just overwhelm them. Having a best-seller category gives them an inkling of the most popular products you have i.e. shows them what your full worth is.

Use these simple tips and you’ll boost your sales in no time!