Hobbies That Can Keep You Fit

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Sometimes the idea of exercising can be enough to make you not want to do it. The thought of going out to go to the gym or going for a run can make it hard to motivate yourself. However, there are other ways to get yourself fit without having to go to the gym or do exercises you don’t want to do. The best way to get fit is to take up a hobby that will also include some form of exercise.


Although this is a sport, many people consider tennis to be as much of a hobby then exercise. The main reason for this is that most people usually play with a friend or partner and will play even when they don’t need to be fit. It is also an effective way to socialise with others including your playing partner much the same as golf. There are also other similar sports such as pickleball that have a similar dynamic. If you need help finding the equipment for sports like pickleball, then you can visit sites like best pickleballpaddle reviews.

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Although some have said that golf just ruins a good walk, there is a lot of walking involved in golf if you want to do it. If you ditch the buggy, you can easily walk a few miles with one round, and you can make it more difficult by carrying your clubs instead of pulling them.


Many people love to dance and don’t see it as exercise, though any form of dance is good for you. In particular, dances like ballroom, swing, and tap are great to do in a group and also a good way to socialise and make new friends.


For those that love to potter in the garden, it can be a good way to get yourself fitter without having to do anything too strenuous. Gardening is especially good for those who have limited mobility or those who don’t want to go to the gym. You can do as much or as little as you want and choose the times you want.

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Bird Watching

Although you might think that bird watching is mostly sitting still, there are many opportunities to exercise. Trying to find the best spot to bird watch often requires a lot of hiking through fields and footpaths.


There are many people that get a lot of pleasure from swimming, and its benefits are well known. It is another good hobby to do, as you can go with friends or even join a swimming club. Swimming is also an excellent way to keep fit if you have limited mobility or you are recovering from an operation. That is because the water is helping you by supporting your body weight. There are also pool exercise classes that you can take part in if you want to try something different.

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By trying some of these hobbies, you can increase your exercise level without feeling like you are tied into a regime.