Equipment Needed to Setup a Live Music Performance

Image Source: Unsplash

Whether it is a live band or a music recital one of the key components of those events is how the stage is set up. Because no matter how great your performance will be if your stage. Instruments are not prepared well and if the stage is prepped haphazardly then it will ultimately affect not only your performance. But how your art will be perceived by the audience as well.

Thus, it matters to set the whole stage properly if you want to give a great show to the audience. Here is some basic equipment that you need to perfectly set up a stage for a music performance.

Credible Speakers

You need speakers that are of great quality so that the audience can really appreciate the performance. One of the basic mistakes in stage setups is that the organizers choose whatever is available on set and install it on stage. The problem is that if you have a performer on stage and their speakers are not quality speakers. The performance goes down the drain since people cannot fully appreciate the music they are presenting. Thus it is important to install quality speakers on stage.

Vocal and Instrument Mic

So, you have a band for example, or a series of performances going on stage to perform, as an organizer. It is your responsibility to know the performances that they will be showing. For example, if they have multiple vocals or which instruments would they use? This way you would know the types of mics that you will be readying for the stage including the ones that are meant for the instruments. 

Image Source: Unsplash

Basic Instruments

You also have to set up the basic instruments that will be played by a band. So, you will be assuming that they will not be able to bring their own instrument for whatever reason. There is and the organizer is responsible for setting up the basic instruments so that without any untoward incident you still had the band covered in their performance. You have to offer quality instruments. Like the best guitars and the best electronic drum kit that you can find in order to set the stage right and ready for the performance of the night.


Aside from amps and the cables and adapters that are truly needed to be readied on stage. The musicians should also have a quality monitor so that they can know quite well what they are. Playing is the same as what the audience is hearing.

For many low-budget stages, there are no monitors installed. Thus the musician doesn’t know if there is a technical problem with their performance. But with quality monitors, a performer can know if their mic is broken or if the drums or any instrument give no audio.

We have to remember that this is still entertainment through art. Thus we have to be able to produce the quality of all the senses involved in the performance of the bands not just the acoustic. But also through visual and other sensory aspects.