A Trendy Guys Guide To Fall Fashion

mens fashion
Image Source: Unsplash

Fall has got to be the best season, in my opinion. I love packing away the shorts and flip flops in exchange for scarves, jumpers and boots. Various ‘on trend’ items tend to sneak their way in which aren’t for everyone but, there are always going to be fail-safe key items that just look the part in the fall, year after year. Basically, choosing to combine a few of the classics with one or two recent trends, will have you looking dapper and not too ‘try hard’.

Ripped jeans.

These made their way back into our wardrobes in the early 2010’s, a throwback to the punk movement of the 70’s and rebranded as ‘distressed denim’. This year, to look the part grab yourself a super skinny, distressed pair in a couple of colours. A black pair can easily be dressed up with a shirt for a night out, whereas a lighter blue looks great for a more casual appearance. They must be a skinny fit though.

Statement clothing.

I don’t mean a Lady Gaga-esque dress of meat; tees and sweatshirts with statements adorning the front are going to be everywhere. It’s all down to these turbulent times we’re currently living in which the fashion gods like to express themselves through.

mens fashion
Image Source: Unsplash

Fur and shearling collars.

Saving you the effort of trying to find the perfect scarf to match your outfits, opting for a jacket with a statement collar is a win win. Think of Tom Cruise in Top Gun. And we all know aviators are fool-proof too.

Quilted jackets.

Making their way into our lives from aristocrat’s wardrobes, the quilted jacket is a staple piece to keep off that chill. Double points for a quilted jacket will a fur collar too!


Checked shirts always look good in the fall, it must be the lumberjack connotations, where we envisage jeans, a knitted hat and checked shirt in forest surroundings! Whatever you picture, a checked shirt, or, for the more modest of us, a more subtle checked scarf with add a touch of excitement to block colours.


We always see the emergence of knitwear in the shops come fall and you can go one of two ways with it. Thick and chunky jumpers and cardigans look great paired with slimmer fitting jeans, or you could opt for a fine knit sweater layered over a shirt with smarter chino trousers or suit pants. You’ll also see the turtle-neck sweater making its way into stores.


There are some incredible boots hitting the stores. To keep yourself bang on trend, go for either a suede or distressed leather look in brown. Teamed with the usual dark autumnal shades of jeans and jackets, a brown boot will give you that edge.


Textures are huge this season and with the continuing seventies revival we’re seeing a lot of corduroy. Make a statement in a full cord suit, if you like, or, ease yourself in with just a pair of corded trousers. Keep the colour dark and deep, as always, in the fall, colour is key. Deep earthy tones usually work best so think mossy greens, rich navy, deep burgundy, camel tones or a pop of this season’s orange if you’re feeling adventurous.