A Brief Guide for Buying and Wearing Suits

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A fine suit can make a man look good and feel confident. Unless you require a specially-tailored suit, you can easily find store-bought suits that will really make an impression. Of course, buying the suit and wearing it right are not easy to pull off if you are not an expert. This brief guide should give you a starting point.


When buying a suit, you need to make sure you pick a good pattern and fabric, and that it fits you well. If you are not familiar enough with mens fashion to be able to buy your suits online, you need to be able to try the suit on.


Make sure that you can freely move your arms around without feeling restricted by the armholes. The length of the jacket should hug your torso when buttoned, without highlighting any bulge or stretching the material. The sleeves should not be any shorter than a length that allows half an inch of your shirt sleeves to be visible. A quarter inch of the back of your shirt collar should also be seen over the jacket when you are upright. The length of the jacket should not be any longer than the top of your legs. Your trouser hems should just rest on top of your shoes.

mens fashion
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If you are a bit portly or short, a pinstripe pattern can be perfect for a slimmer appearance. Herringbone patterns are a good alternative too. These should be avoided if you have a taller or leaner frame. Avoid double-breasted styles if you a lean as well, but go for them if you are not, as they creates a narrowing effect.


How you wear your suit is a whole other matter of concern. You need to know what accessories to use and how to use them. You also need to know what shirts you should be wearing and, of course, basic decorum.

mens fashion
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You should not remove your jacket when you are at a formal event, even it if it a little hot. It is also best to avoid keeping your hands in the jacket pockets. You can unbutton the jacket when sitting down, but be sure to button up when you rise again.


Always wear long-sleeved shirts with a collar size that allows you a finger’s width between the collar and your neck. If you are not adept and choosing the right colours to match your suit, white is safe colour choice for a shirt. Usually lighter, plain shirts work well with dark suits.


The tie should not be too long or too short, and should ideally just touch the top of your belt. The pattern and colour should match or complement both the shirt and the suit.

Other Accessories

Wedding rings, watches, and cufflinks are the only acceptable jewellery with a formal suit. Your shoes should complement the suit, and, as a general rule, they should match your belt. Wear leather dress shoes in black or brown. Black goes with anything, but it is ill-advised to wear brown shoes with a black suit.

This brief guide should help you buy your suits and look your finest when you wear them.