4 Things to Know Before You Get Married

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In an era where everything is rushed and spontaneous, it is wise to sometimes wind down and slow down before making big decisions in your life. One of the most vital decisions you will ever make is choosing the partner you are going to spend the rest of your life with.

This person is no longer going to be someone you just go on a few dates and vacations with, they are going to be someone you are going to do life with and build a family with them. You have to discern how compatible you are and what compromises you are willing to make in order to make it work between both of you. To summarize a foundation, here are four things you should be doing before you make a decision on marrying:

1.     Respect Values

Prior to deciding on getting married, both of you need to have a long discussion on your core values and belief systems. Such as religion, how you want to raise a family, relationship dynamics, politics, what you expect from each other now versus five years from now.

Communication is key here. There could be certain aspects that come up, that one just cannot accept and lead to the end of the relationship. On the other hand, both of you are similar in all your views and if there are differences both of you are able to look past it all for the strength of your love and commitment to one another.

2.     Talk Finances

The money talk is vital. This is a time to be transparent about your incomes, and who is going to be handling accounts. You will both have expenses living together and both of you need to have a level of financial discipline and knowledge to make the marriage work. Otherwise, down the line the over-spender and finance Nazi will fall out before they know it. Discuss financial habits, present goals, future visions, investments, accounts and anything related to the finance sector between you two.

diamond rings melbourne
Image Source: Pexels

3.     Have the Children Talk

This may be a bit difficult to believe but not all couples want to have kids. If you want kids or do not want kids it is up to you to clearly inform and communicate that to your partner. You have to discuss parenting styles, schooling, future aspirations and the number of children both of you want to have. The general next step after marriage is building a family, discuss the timeline you want to start. This will definitely make or break your relationship.

4.     Keep Engagement Photos

The step to take before marriage is your engagement. You want to make this a truly memorable day. Capturing moments are important. You want to remember the dress she wore, the atmosphere and the excitement. That’s why you should get one of the best diamond rings Melbourne has to offer to propose. Pictures will bring you nostalgia, joy and remind you of the special bond both of you shared throughout your relationship.

Take these basic steps into consideration and get ready for marriage!