When Netta and I were raising funds for our own Fash&Tech ventures, we were often asked by potential investors about the recent acquisitions and investments in the industry. As entrepreneurs, you simply must get updated with these news about your industry. But more importantly – you need to truly learn about these moves and see what you can take from them in order to make better decisions for your own ventures.

This is why we decided for our December meetup to discuss the recent moves in our industry.

As always, we try to keep the balance between hearing from well established companies and brands and learning from young startups. As a keynote speaker, we heard from Orna Elovich, the second in command and the Marketing Director of Adika and Golf Online.

Orna told us the story behind Adika’s acquisition by Golf in April this year, and how the fresh young team has been changing the established brand and started to bring it closer to the modern consumer. Orna also shared from “behind the scenes” of Adika’s marketing and operations. It was both an inspiring and useful presentation and I personally learned a lot.

Next, we heard from Adi Shemesh, the Founder and CEO of Trench. Adi told us how as an only founder and with an investment of only 5,000 nis she managed to build a great venture, helping people buy 2nd hand cloths for diamonds. Recently, Adi was able to raise a seed round for Trench and finally started building her team.

Last, Udi Goori, Co-Founder and CEO of My Clique gave an amazing talk about  how a small startup from Tel Aviv managed to raise 3 rounds of funds and how their venture has changed along this time. He also gave some great tips on how to effectively implement an affiliation model and how to work lean and think global Рand how to use Twitter to connect with industry leaders.

In my opening remarks, I shared the findings of our recent survey. In addition, I also mentioned that we are now opening our blog for you, the entrepreneurs and active members of this community, to be able to post your insights and stories and share them with the entire community. If you are interested, let us know.

Click on the Roojoom below for the decks and images from the meetup, as well as a few words about our hosts – the incredible WMN:


Yael Kochman

CEO & Co-Founder of Fash&Tech, former fashion tech entrepreneur a marketing consultant. Yael is also a speaker, moderator and published blog author with articles featured in Fast Company, Forbes, Steam Feed, Business 2 Community and more.