On our last meetup, we had the pleasure of hosting 3 great speakers to discuss tips and best practices for startups who want to work with retailers and brands.

This is especially important for B2B focused startups, that can literally rise or fall based on whether they are able to collaborate with the big retailers. But B2C startups might also be interested in collaborating with major brands in order to get more exposure, reduce time to market and impress potential investors.

Our speakers included Elad Goldenberg, Head of Israel Business Unit at eBay, as well as two startup founders that shared their success stories and tips. See the Roojoom below for an event summary and decks:


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Yael Kochman

CEO & Co-Founder of Fash&Tech, former fashion tech entrepreneur a marketing consultant. Yael is also a speaker, moderator and published blog author with articles featured in Fast Company, Forbes, Steam Feed, Business 2 Community and more.

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